From Gay to Infinite—Unlocking Our True Identity Through Proactive Religion

I have gradually come to accept over the past ten years or so that I am sexually attracted to other men. All throughout this time, as I would watch General Conference, I would secretly be waiting for the magnum opus General Conference talk about Same Sex Attraction; I was waiting for all doctrine and understanding to be revealed regarding it—how it originates, why I experience it, and what does life and eternity look like for those of us who experience same sex attraction?

Loving Your Gay Children—Unconditionally

I read it in black and white print from my son, “I’m gay”, WHAT? How could that be possible? He was a great kid, an outstanding student, he dated girls, and he served a mission so how could THIS be possible? I stayed up late into the night talking to my son. We cried. We hugged. I could no longer stick my head in the sand; I had to face it, up close and personal. It was the beginning of my journey that I am deeply grateful for.

Daily Wisdom

While the Christian community is indeed radically inclusive as it follows the example of Jesus, it is also a redemptive and transformative community. Because ‘all have sinned,’ everyone without exception – Jew and Gentile, slave and free, gay and straight – everyone needs the redemption that comes from the cross of Christ, the new life that flows from the resurrection of Christ, and the transformation that ebbs from the work of Holy Spirit. So everyone is invited to church, and come as you are, but no one is allowed to stay as they are. — Michael Bird, Sexegesis

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