They Told Me I Was a Boy

When I came out to my bishop, for example, he showed me the kind of love and support that I’d always hoped someone would, particularly as a priesthood leader. Rather than jump to conclusions, he asked for time to consider the matter prayerfully and, if it was okay with me, to discuss it with the stake president. I gave my permission, and the stake president followed their meeting by contacting the Area Seventy over our stake.

What I Thought I Knew

The purpose of Transgender Awareness Month is to inspire greater awareness to the personal experiences and views of Latter-day Saints affected by gender dysphoria. Posts in this series are typically written

How Things Have Changed

Twenty Years Out

In the last twenty years of being “out” I have observed a lot of changes in the world and the Church regarding same-sex attraction. Though I can’t speak a lot to what things were like before that, I think my observations might provide some insight to people who weren’t paying attention to it.

Daily Wisdom

While the Christian community is indeed radically inclusive as it follows the example of Jesus, it is also a redemptive and transformative community. Because ‘all have sinned,’ everyone without exception – Jew and Gentile, slave and free, gay and straight – everyone needs the redemption that comes from the cross of Christ, the new life that flows from the resurrection of Christ, and the transformation that ebbs from the work of Holy Spirit. So everyone is invited to church, and come as you are, but no one is allowed to stay as they are. — Michael Bird, Sexegesis

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