I am really not sure what exactly I want to say here.  So I will put down on paper something I have said to Pret and about Pret often in the last few months.

People will sometimes ask, “Isn’t it hard to be in your situation?”

I will answer:  it is a sacrifice for sure, and takes a lot of investment, but it is an investment with good and sure dividends!  In other words, it is WORTH IT!

I know this is short and sweet, but I hope others will either feel or recognize the same things in their lives or specific relationships.  There are sacrifices we all have and need to make, but if we choose wisely and invest carefully, there will be great returns!

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    I once confided in a coworker about my SSA (VERY rare for me) and she asked if iI was really happy. I said yes without hesitation, but I don’t think she believed me. I think she had bought into the viewpoint that not embracing the gay lifestyle is less than genuine and can’t bring happiness. The truth is that being a husband and father has brought me happiness I couldn’t have even imagined! DEFINITELY worth it!!