On November 17th, 2012, the Association of Mormon Counselors and Therapists (AMCAP) and the Foundation for Attraction Research (FAR) co-sponsored a special conferece, “Same-Sex Attraction: Reconciling Faith and Feelings,” which explored homosexuality withini the context of LDS faith and religious practice. The conference consisted of two panel discussions, on which several members of the North Star community were invited to participate. The conference was filmed and is now available online and included below.

The flyer described the first panel session as follows:

“The panel will explore current thinking about sexual orientation change therapy, and the use of labels such as ‘gay’ and ‘lesbian.’ Participants include those who have experienced same-sex attraction—Laurie Campbell, Ty Mansfield, David Matheson, and Josh Weed (all of whom are also practicing therapists)—along with Dr. Shirley E. Cox and Dr. Jeffrey Robinson.”

The second panel was described as follows:

“Those who have personal experience with same-sex attraction and several of their spouses will provide insights from their own lives and answer questions from the audience.”


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