Sometimes we get unexpected news:  a death, an illness, a premature birth, a promotion, a downgrade, any other gain/loss.  It is easy to remember the Lord in gratitude and in loss.  And sometimes we need to work hard to remember.

Really, life is all the Lord’s will.  Sometimes we gets hints and/or inklings as to things coming up, but other times, they come out of the blue.  We have had a few bouts of unexpected news in the last few weeks.  Thankfully, we have been in a good, spiritual place and have been able to see the Lord’s hand in it all.  But it has taken a little bit of searching to see that.  And in some cases, there are still some unknowns attached, and that is especially hard.  I know I will be able to accept the known once it is made manifest, but that wait time can be agonizing.

At this point, we pray for the Lord’s support in waiting and peace with the outcome.  I hope you may find that in any of your unexpected news or trails that you may now, or may in the future, be dealing with.   Love in the journey!

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