Pret and I have had some hard days and even weeks the last few months.  On the flip side, we have also had some really great days in that same time period.  As I have been contemplating what to write about, the song “This Day is One of Those” just kept coming to my mind.  I have been a fan of Michael McLean for a long time and when his CD “As I Am” came out in 2005, this song was a fast favorite.

As we said our goodbyes
I guess he saw my fear
With those all knowing eyes
He sensed what I had to hear
And then he gently said
About what lies ahead

There will be days so sweet
Blossoming like a rose
There will be days complete
where happiness overflows
With everyone you meet
A friendship grows
You’ll know on that day
You’ll hear yourself say
This day is one of those

With borrowed hope and a dream
And all the courage of youth
He called and said “son it seems
you need to know all the truth”
And then he said life brings
This other side of things

There will be days so tough
You’ll wonder why you chose
Taking a path so rough
And trusting that heaven knows
And when you’ve had enough
Of climbing the rocky roads
You’ll know on that day
You’ll hear yourself say
This day is one of those

There’ll be days that you feel
You could just do without
Other days that you want more of
Days of answers and hope
Days of questions and doubt
Days when you never knew you were loved

So here I am on my own
Exploring life’s mysteries
On those days I’m alone
I feel a voice say to me

There will be days you’ll swear
God’s inspiration flows
There will be days in prayer
You’ll ask him why it goes
There will be days he cares
More than you suppose

This day is one of
This day is one of
This day is one of…
There will be days he cares
More than you suppose
This day is one of those

I love that this song highlights good days and bad days, even in the same stanza.  Because we all have “one of those days.”  I love the days that I “want more of,” but those must come with the days that I “could just do without.”

Thankfully, although we do have hard times together, the Lord usually spaces out the rough days for Pret and me.  There are days that Pret is strong and I can cry on his shoulders and other days that I can repay some of that and lend him some strength.

So, for when you have just had, “one of those days,” remember that there are others of us out there that have made it through those days, too.  “There will be days so tough-You’ll wonder why you chose-Taking a path so rough-And trusting that heaven knows…”  I hope that you will be able to find some strength–whether it comes from within, without, or above– to make it through those days that you do question why you chose the path you did.  The path that, although extremely difficult sometimes, is the path that will lead back to our Father in Heaven.  The path that is frequented by our loving Brother and Savior, Jesus Christ.  The path that is guided by our constant companion, the Holy Ghost.  The path that will bring us happiness if we can find the strength to say on.

If you are not familiar with the song, take a few minutes to listen. The words may seem jumbled above, but it flows much better as you are listing.

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