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The Tolerance Trap

In the General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the general authorities of the Church and other officers speak to us about matters of spirituality and

This is your (cyber) hometeaching for the month of January

Hi all. Many times when I am hometeaching, themes from the First Presidency message will stimulate thoughts for me about living the gospel within the context of same-gender issues. Most of the time, I sense that it would be inappropriate for me to guide my hometeaching visit discussions toward topics related to same-gender attraction. Freshly starting off the new year, however, I’m going to experiment with this forum for discussing the First Presidency message themes that speak to me about same-gender attraction.

This month, Elder Eyring’s message is about raising the voice of warning. He uses an anecdote from his childhood to frame the ensuing topics:

“I can still remember my mother speaking softly to me one Saturday afternoon when, as a little boy, I asked her for permission to do something I thought was perfectly reasonable and which she knew was dangerous. I still am amazed at the power she was granted, I believe from the Lord, to turn me around with so few words. As I remember them, they were: ‘Oh, I suppose you could do that. But the choice is yours.’

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