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What’s So Hard About It

And What's Not

People say I must be depressed and miserable with the choices I’ve made. No. Depressed and miserable is when you have to suffer with something in silence.

Who Am I?

(and why that's the wrong question)

Am I defined by my profession, my religion, my sexual attraction, my hobbies, my family, my politics, my past, my future…? Depending on the day and the circumstance my answer has been all of these and none of these. The instability of that question has led me to look for a better question.

Experience Filters

A few months ago, I posted an entry called, Hungry for Heaven, on one of my blogs. One of the pictures in the piece was this edited photo making it

Success and Failure

I don’t often get the chance to attend my own high priest group meeting. I am in my stake’s Sunday School presidency and most Sundays I am supposed to be

My adventures in Limbo

No, I’m not talking about a dance with a stick. For those unfamiliar with the term, limbo is a kind of in-between place between heaven and hell, where souls who

Rent in twain

If you have half a brain and know how to turn on a computer, you’ve no doubt seen any number of variations on the red equals-sign, meant to signify solidarity

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