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Witnessing Better Things

The Gift of Optimism

I converted from pessimist to optimist one day while sitting in a living room while I listened to two friends sing at a piano. Three years before, I had promised God I would go back to church and give up the way of life I was pursuing. Giving up that life was easy compared to going back to church.


And Keys to Everlasting

With faith, forgiveness, commitment, and love, you can get through anything together.

Stories, Respect, and Humility

A personal response to the TLC Special

May I embrace with Charity all of my Brothers and Sisters-wherever they may be on their journey. Their lives and stories deserve the same respect and honor that I want for my own.

The Light of Hope

I just finished reading “The Crucible of Doubt” by Terryl and Phiona Givens.  I highly recommend it.  One passage stuck out to me as it pertains to our little community:

Whose I Am

When I am tempted to question my allegiance or submission to Jesus Christ, I ask myself “Whose else would I be?” Who else do I trust to save my soul?

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