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Speaking Peace: Holons & Beyond, Pt. 2

The term Post-Gay speaks peace and goes beyond to the next evolution of this Holarchy which to me is where North Star’s Mission is poised. We are at the brink of this new frontier as a pioneering organization. North Star is an integral conduit into what I call the Post-Gay movement.

How Things Have Changed

Twenty Years Out

In the last twenty years of being “out” I have observed a lot of changes in the world and the Church regarding same-sex attraction. Though I can’t speak a lot to what things were like before that, I think my observations might provide some insight to people who weren’t paying attention to it.

Hobbit love

My lovely fiance Katie surprised me the other day with a copy of Lego Lord of the Rings sitting on my big easy chair in my room. I’m glad she


I know that a lot of men who experience same-sex attraction and are striving to stay faithful to the teachings of the Church relate that have doubts about their masculinity.

Born That Way

One of the more vocal objections voiced by those who oppose living the gospel with same-gender attraction is encapsulated in three words. Born that way. The reality is that people

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