I want to preface this by saying that I consider this one of the success stories of North Star. North Star was founded with the hope of connecting people with people within an LDS-supportive environment, so that individuals dealing with issues around same-sex attraction?including family members and friends?could help and support one another in living true to their faith and value systems as Latter-day Saints. One of the means created to accomplish this is the online discussion groups.

Women in the Spouses group, one of the most active groups, have organized a retreat that all spouses are welcome to attend. For those interested, we invite you to join the Spouses group. Details on the retreat will be made available as they become available, but here’s the current status:

Note that this event is not sponsored by North Star, but rather is a privately organized retreat?see the FAQ for North Star’s statement on activities and events.

Date: Friday and Saturday, June 20-21, 2008

Registration Deadline: June 1, 2008

Time: Starting at about 5:30 Friday night and going until we are all too tired to do anything else on Saturday!

Place: Holladay, UT (about 15 minutes from SLC)

Cost: $25-50 (we are still waiting to find out how much the presenters will charge)
This will include all food and lodging, but not costs accrued in getting to the retreat.

Food: All food will be provided, but we ask that you be willing to help in the preparation/clean-up of at least one of the meals over the course of the weekend. (If you have any special diet concerns, please let us know with your registration so we can accommodate your needs.)

Accommodations: We will all be staying at the home of one of the spouses on Friday night (there will be options for “real” beds, air mattresses, theatre seats, mats on the floor, and just plain sleeping bags.)

If you need accommodations (or transportation to and from the airport) Thursday night or Saturday night, please let us know in the registration process as we can find places for everyone to stay through the spouses that live locally.

Agenda: We will just eat, hang out and get to know each other on Friday. Saturday we will provide breakfast, two workshops before lunch, lunch, two workshops in the afternoon, dinner, and gabbing ’till we can’t talk any more!

Presentations/workshops will focus on how to support our loved ones, overcoming co-dependency, intimacy, and how to strengthen ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

The presenters will be both licensed professionals as well as wives with experience and training in giving support and presentations.

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    Will any husbands with SSA wives be there? Is this a women only thing?

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    My understanding is that men are welcome but those currently organizing it are women and will likely be sharing from that perspective. If there are men who express an interest, they may tailor it a bit to address men as well.

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    The name of the retreat is WOW: Women of Worth. As stated by Ty, we will make accommodations as necessary if male spouses want to attend, but it will primarily focus on strengthening women. We are doing this as the female version of “JiM” but not quite so intense and deep. We felt like we were missing out on having a chance to bond like they did!