I think I’ll just share my testimony today. I’ve had writer’s block for a few days… and it hasn’t yet gone away.

I know that God is my Father, and that He designed my life to be the perfect experience to help me to learn to be happy and to return to live with Him.

I don’t think the most important questions revolve around whether sexuality is mutable or not. Innate or not. Oriented at extremes or along a spectrum, defined along sub-characteristics or cut-and-dry. I think the most important question is this: how does the Plan of Salvation work for me? My life is full of different talents, gifts, blessings, and circumstances… each playing a different role in helping me become the man God sees somewhere inside me – the spark of perfection that makes this entire life worthwhile.

As I’ve turned to the Lord, I’ve found meaning in my life’s circumstances. Understanding when my younger sister, and then younger brother had cancer, or when my cousin died of cystic fibrosis. Understanding from the depths of depression and the frustration of having to give God all my hopes and dreams… and just have faith.

It’s paid off. I’ve learned that happiness isn’t something I attain. It’s part of everyday life – proof that I am on the right pathway back to God and that I understand it.

I’ve realized that God’s ways truly are different from my ways. And it’ll be interesting to see what happens next.

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    Frank W. Hays

    Thank You for your testimony. You share it in all your Blogs on Northstar and your own. Everyone at Northstar I owe a deep debt of eternal gratitude. This past eight months have been particularly difficult, My Trial of Faith. But at 59 this month I’m begining to have gratitude as I should for my SSA and other challenges as well. I will probably never hear you sing, I’d recommend you sing, Thankful it is on the Noel Album: Josh Groban and I think the author is Sager. Please keep up your dedication to the Lord and all of us that reply upon all you share. I’m more of a silent reader since I must go to a library to get on the computer. I hope one day I can do my story on Voices of Hope. I’m not sure who would benefit, but I’m learning its great to express my SSA to others and wait upon the lord. Isa. 61:3 Also this is for All at Northstar: Ty, Dian who was as answer to prayer etc. Merry Christmas to all .

    Frank Hays