As I am sure anyone reading this already knows, the Voice(s) of Hope website launched today.  I had heard rumors of this and asked Ty earlier in the day whether this was going to happen so I would know how to properly speak of this on my post.  He indicated that it might happen, so I waited until I saw the update on my Facebook.

At that point I went to the site right away, verified that our/my story was there, and immediately began texting anyone who I thought might care about it, including our family members and friends who already knew that it was coming soon.  I am still surprised by how calm I felt while doing it.

From the 30+ texts I sent out, I only have heard back from about ten of the people.  I can’t decide if that is because people are just busy and haven’t had time (although, we’re going on almost 12 hours of people knowing) or whether the message was lost to them, or whether they just don’t understand what it meant.

Either way, I still feel calm and at peace.  I am wondering how long it is going to take for some of my friends and extended family to find out.  I am a little bit nervous about their reactions, but I know that the Lord has led us to where we are and will lead our steps in the future.

I do want to share my love for my Father, my husband (who, with some other great friends, is currently sharing his wisdom and hope with a “newbie” in our living room), and all our friends and family who have supported us to this point in our lives and am grateful that they ALL will continue to support ME in the future.

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    Well… you know how I feel. I think your story is just amazing– so courageous how you two have been sincere and real in such a public way… how many times now? 3? Julie and I will get there, but I probably will still be picky with how I look on camera ;-)

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    Greg H

    Last week I was the “newbie” meeting with your husband in your living room. Earlier in the week I watched your video and was profoundly touched by the Spirit. It had been a very difficult few months as I recently came to terms with the fact that I have SSA. I knelt down after watching your video and prayed fervently that God would send me help. I was lost, felt alone, and didn’t know what to do.

    Through a series of events (God leading me), I ended up at your house. Imagine my surprise as I was face to face with the person I was watching on Voices of Hope just a few days prior! As I listened to Pret’s counsel, the Spirit poured into my heart. I knew first and foremost that God loved me and was watching over me by sending people like your husband to help. In addition, I received wonderful counsel and a much needed change in perspective. God bless you and Pret for sharing your story with the world. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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      Megan Dahlgren


      I am so glad that things worked out for you to be able to meet with Pret. He is a pretty amazing guy! I am grateful that our story was beneficial to you–that’s what this was all about. God bless you in your journey.


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    I, too want to thank you guys for sharing your story. I had been married for 5 years when I met Pret at a meeting about 8 years ago. Because I knew him a bit, I looked at a lot of what is out there about/by you guys, and have been uplifted and encouraged.

    Not only did I find Pret impressive back then, I find what you have achieved as a couple to be impressive. I have made great progress in coming to terms with my SSA, but as an individual and a couple, I aspire to be closer to where you are.

    Thanks you so much for sharing your voices!