Hello North Star blog readers!  Although I doubt anyone necessarily took notice, I didn’t post on my regular day last month.  The reason is, I have a very busy video project that I’ve been working on for a couple of wards in a stake in Utah County.  This video project is to last all year, where I release one video per month on a mental health topic relative to LDS women.

My commitment to complete this video project (along with the fact that I’m in the middle of moving my residence and business 250 miles…), has put me in a position where I am consolidating some of my projects.  Therefore, for the rest of this year, I will be including those videos here in place of my regular posts.

Although the content in the videos is written specifically for LDS women, and they don’t speak directly to the LDS-LGBT community, I believe they will be very helpful to the readers of the Northstar blog!  First, these videos cover basic mental health topics that everyone can use reminders on, including people in the LDS-LGBT community as well as their support system.  Second, they take into account a gospel perspective, which can be very useful when trying to navigate mental health advice and also be true to God and covenants.

If I weren’t so over-scheduled, I would continue to write a separate blog post for Northstar, but since I can’t make that happen right now, here are my first two videos.  I hope they are helpful.  If you like them, pleases feel free to share them with others!

Have a wonderful month, and I’ll see you again with another video in May!

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