Last night after about 10:15 really stunk.  I left the place where I attend my support group and got in the car (which is the car Pret usually drives, but we had swapped last night so he could have Lilly in her carseat).  I had parked on the street (an averagely busy neighborhood street) and looked to my driver’s side mirror to pull onto the street and couldn’t see anything.  I looked a few more times to no avail before I finally realized that the mirror was not there.  I could see it bent back against the car, so I rolled down the window to try to pull it back, but it wouldn’t move.  I thought I saw cracks at the base, but tried to think positively.

So I got out to look and with horror saw the mirror was cracked as well as the hard plastic and there was no moving that baby back into place.  NOT GOOD!  I was ticked.  I checked the mirror for a note–nothing.  I checked the rest of the car for damage, but thankfully that was all I could see.  I begrudgingly got back in the car and tried to talk myself into driving home without the mirror (I am very side-mirror dependent.)

My drive home is very routine, following mostly major roads (but no highways), so I knew it would not be too difficult.  But now I was distracted.  As I approached a major intersection where I had to turn left, I missed the turn light, but realized that the straight light was still green, so I quickly checked for other cars coming–there were none–and switched lanes to carry on through where in 1/2 a block I could make a U-turn and then turn right.  It was mostly legal (the U-turn totally), but as I returned to the intersection, I noticed a police car that had been waiting at his red light.  My heart sank as I realized I had not legally changed lanes, and dropped as in my rear-view mirror I saw him also turning as if to make a U-turn as I remembered that I did not have my driver’s license with me (long story).

I was so distracted from the mirror and worry from what the cop was going to do that as I approached the next intersection I totally ran a red light!  And there was a car coming.  Thankfully it was turning left, not going straight, so I was able to veer to the right and miss it.  But I know my heart was pounding (still is) and I’m sure that driver’s was, too.

As I drove on harm-free, I began to realize that through this all, I had really been quite blessed.  I could have been standing there when the car that hit my mirror verged too far to the left.  I could have been pulled over for an illegal lane-change violation and been caught without my license.  And most of all, I could have severely injured myself and whoever was in that other vehicle, let alone cause severe damage to our cars.  It was a night of blessing and I am grateful that our prayers of safe driving were answered yesterday and that I was let off-the-hook for my transgressions from yesterday.

Safe driving to you all today.  I know I’m praying for it again.

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