Having a two year old has been difficult the last few weeks.  Pret and I have both been tired and slightly grumpy at times and Lilly has learned to push our buttons in just the right ways.

I am trying to be patient and have implemented some practices to try to help me (and her) work together to make like a little more positive for us both.  On the recommendation of some good friends, I have picked up from the library the book The Power of Positive Parenting, by Dr. Glenn Latham, and although I have only read the introductory chapter, I am looking forward to gleaning some good ideas from this book.

But, at the North Star Fireside on Sunday, Heather Nelson (one of the great speakers) said something that really struck me.

My children are Heavenly Father’s children first and He knows their needs perfectly!

I loved this and has given me a slight change in my attitude, at least where I can go for help.  I need to turn to my Heavenly Father to get directions for my children.  I know I can get some great ideas from book, manuals, even Ensign articles, but the ultimate source is my Heavenly Father who cares for His children way better than even I can.  And mistakes I make, and my children make, are all part of the plan and we will all learn and grow from them.  There may be some suffering on all parts along the way, but we will all be better for it, right?  I sure HOPE so!

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