Recently some members of the North Star community joined in an amicus curiae brief, or “friend of the court” brief, filed on behalf of “Same-Sex Attracted Men and Their Wives In Support of Respondents” as part of the same-sex marriage case currently pending before the Supreme Court of the United States and scheduled for oral argument April 28, 2015.

North Star is a ministry whose mission has continually been to help those who desire to live in harmony with the teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. North Star is not a political organization nor does North Star promote traditional marriage as means of addressing same-sex attraction. Some members of our community chose to participate in the amicus brief. The views they expressed are their own, individual views; they do not speak for North Star International as an organization. Individuals involved with North Star hold a variety of positions on marriage, across the socio-political spectrum. A few community members who were quoted had no participation with the brief. As such, the quotations of anyone who did not sign the brief should not be interpreted as an endorsement either for or against the views raised in the brief. North Star was never asked for permission to use these quotes. It is North Star’s understanding that because the statements are in the public forum, they are available for public reference, including quotation.

The decision for a man and a woman to publicly share deeply personal experiences, whether to offer hope, or in defense of their religious convictions, deserves our respect. Our hope is that all involved may benefit from respectful dialogue with mutual accord and understanding.

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    Perhaps time would be better spent fighting for the rights of: the poor in your state, country and the world, refugees, abused women, abused children, street kids, street adults, prostitutes, those in other countries dramatically affected by climate change, the drug-addicted, the homeless, those who can’t find jobs, the mentally ill, people around the world that are suffering and don’t get any press coverage, those in the LGBTQI community who see no other way than to kill themselves, those in war torn countries around the world, the hungry around the world who often live in garbage dumps their whole lives, those who live their whole lives in refugee camps because their countries are torn apart by war, the mentally challenged who face discrimination, the elderly, those sold in sex trafficking around the world and into the U.S., raising money for pediatric cancers. And on and on.

    Mormons, outside of the Mormon world, are known for two things really: their squeaky clean missionaries and for their desire to fight against the rights of the LGBTQI community. Oh and for their insistence that they are persecuted and victimized. Come on, Ty, I know you are better than giving what is happening here your tacit approval.

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      Ty Mansfield

      Thank you for sharing your opinion, Karen. I whole-heartedly agree that each of the above initiatives are critically important to improving society.