Sometimes I feel a little bit sad about my calling (I am a nursery leader) because I don’t get to take part in Sunday School and Relief Society.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my calling working with the little ones and one of my favorite people in the ward is my co-teacher, but I know that I don’t “take” as much out of Sacrament Meeting as I should and therefore my Sundays are a little bit lacking (I am owning this as mine, right now.  No projecting or blaming here!)

Yesterday, Pret and I shared a neat moment in Sacrament meeting.  There had been some neat testimonies shared, but as usual, we had been distracted by Lilly and her friend who was sitting next to us.  But then, the closing song was Hymn #277, As I Search the Holy Scriptures.  We were singing along not thinking about it until we came to the last phrase of the third verse.

 As I search the holy scriptures,

May thy mercy be revealed.

Soothe my troubled heart and spirit;

May my unseen wounds be healed.

We both stopped singing and thought about what we had just sung.  I said, “Wow, that is pretty specific,” and Pret just agreed with me.  I don’t think either of us finished the song as we sat there and thought about the meaning.  What “unseen wounds” do we all have?  I know for Pret, his SSA is definitely one, but I sure have my own wounds that I need soothing and healing.

It hit me, then, though, that this is not something that will just happen.  The previous words, having been sung three times already, show that there is an actions required on my part, “As I SEARCH the holy scriptures.”  Rarely are miracles performed or blessings bestowed without requiring some kind of effort on our part–some showing of faith.  Here, it is clearly stated what is required.  But thankfully, it is also clearly stated the blessing that will come:  mercy, soothing of a troubled heart, and even healing.

I don’t know about you, but I think it is worth it.  I hope that as I continue to do my part of searching and pondering daily on the scriptures (I’m on a pretty good run of remembering to do it every day and have gained a lot from it), that the Lord will do His part and bless me with His promised blessings.

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