I knew this post was coming, so had it on my mind as I was browsing my Instagram feed.  I came across this quote:Just be the same person you are in the dark that you are in the light, - Jabari Parker

In the meme I saw, it was attributed to President Monson, but I needed to find the actual quote so I went searching.  President Monson did quote it in his article, Be Strong and of a Good Courage from his an April 2014 conference talk.  Jabari Parker is an LDS member of the Church who played basketball for Duke University and the quote, as he shared, was the best piece of advice he had every received and it was from his father.

I read this quote on Sunday morning before church.  I had heard last week that our ward building had been broken into by a couple 9 year-old boys.  All I knew was that they had thrown rocks to break in but didn’t know more than that.  I was shocked, then, as we pulled up to see that all the front doors and a set of the rear doors were all boarded up; those boys had gone to great effort to get into the building.

I ended up walking down the opposite side of the church to take Lilly to her class, so I didn’t come face to face with the damage until I got to the rear of the building.  The first thing I noticed was the apparent lack of light.  As most of you know, there is quite a bit of natural light in LDS buildings due to the copious amount of windows and large doors.  So when those doors/windows were 95% covered by boards, there was significantly less light in that part of the building.  It gave a rather eerie feeling to that area.

I thought of this quote as I was around that area a lot (Naomi was not very cooperative for Sunday School and Relief Society, so we spent some time in the hallway).  I think about it regularly at work (I am a teacher.)  Last year, when I was relieved of my recess duty, I would sometimes go from 8-5:30 with my only source of light being one little window.  I would leave work craving the light.  I have noticed it even more this year as my classroom is totally within the building with no outside light source–I NEED light.

What is it about the dark that changes us (emotionally or physically)? I think it all comes down to the source of our LIGHT.  Christ is the source of the one true light that we need.  Do we let that light our way in all things?  Do we change when that light is not overtly apparent, whether literally or figuratively?

Photo copyright Roberts Imaging; used with permission.

Photo used with permission.

I hope that we will all live in a way that the Light within us can light us, even when we are surrounded by dark.  Can we stay the same regardless of our surroundings and provide the light that is needed at all times?  What is needed to bring yourself from light into dark?




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