Hello all!  This month I am focusing on the fundamentals of how to be happy.  Here’s the deal.  Whether you are gay or transgender or queer or questioning or something else completely, that is a really important thing to get sorted out with yourself.  Your gender and sexuality are a very big part of who you are.  Knowing how to navigate your gender and sexuality concerns are undoubtedly very important.

But…. you cannot find the answers in a vacuum.  What I mean is, if you focus exclusively on solving your gender or sexuality concerns, they answers don’t come any faster than if you solve them “along with” the rest of life. In fact, if you focus on those areas to the exclusion of the rest of your development, you’ll find yourself more unhappy and eventually stagnating in your growth. Other parts of your life, your total personal identity, your relationships, and your growth as a human being need equal (and often even more) attention than your gender and sexuality.

In this video segment, I discuss and explore the common elements that happy people share, based on the work of Martin Seligman (happiness researcher).  My video has pretty horrible audio (sorry.. trying to work out some kinks without breaking the bank!!), so if you’d rather just listen to Martin’s TED Talk, you’ll really enjoy it (you can find it on YouTube). Take some mental notes of a couple of ideas that come to your mind as you watch… ideas that you could work on to increase your own personal happiness, regardless of your current level of comfort with your gender and sexuality.

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