So my husband’s cousin posted this on Facebook after hearing it in a Relief Society lesson a few months ago and I put it on my list of ideas to blog about immediately.  I finally feel like I can do it the best justice I can.   (I will refrain from citing the source to protect anonymity, but I do have it)

What if you woke up today with what you thanked God for yesterday?

Although I try to cover my bases in expressing my gratitude during my prayers, I know I am often lacking, both in saying my prayers and in giving thanks during them.  I know I will never forget Elder Bednar’s talk, Ask In Faith from the April 2008 General Conference where he shared the story of praying and asking for nothing, but only expressing gratitude.

I have tried that a (very) few times since I heard that talk and I have often wondered if Pret even noticed.  I know they have been some powerful prayers for me.


Sunsets need to be on my list regularly so I keep them in my life.
Photo courtesy of Roberts-Imaging, used with permission

If I woke up tomorrow only having what I was grateful for when I prayed with our daughter tonight, Pret and I would have a job (including Pret’s new promotion–yeah!), we would still have family and friends, President Monson would be leading a bunch of missionaries around, but most especially, I would have a Savior who knows I love Him and am grateful for Him.  I may not have a house, a car, my health, food (I don’t know that I asked a single blessing over food today), or anything else, though.

What would you have?

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    Mrs. I Define Me

    I recently saw this on facebook as well, and was extremely touched by the profound message. I, like you, (and probably a whole bunch of folks) was immediately taken to thoughts of exactly what I had thanked God for during my prayers the previous night.

    I realized that while there is so much in my life that I fail to give thanks for, (and I’m totally gonna work on that), I am suddenly grateful that I continue to give thanks, over and over and over, for some people and things in my life. Sometimes I feel like my prayers have become really repetitive, so I try to ‘change it up’ in the way that I say them, and work on literally ‘talking’ with my Father in Heaven as if he was right there, (because actually, I know that He really is). This does help me feel His spirit more, both while I’m on my knees, and throughout my day.

    As I ponder your question, “what would you have?” (btw – I love that you asked us to respond by sharing what we ‘are’ regularly thankful for, instead of asking us to confess our failures – since mine are many), so, I’d like to answer your question by literally sharing a few of the main expressions I often use when I give thanks to my Father in prayer. (Not in any way to boost or brag, but quite to opposite, because I feel quite compelled to humble myself before you and your readers, and publicly express my gratitude to God for the many blessings and miracles I am so blessed with in my life.)

    I am thankful …
    For My Savior, Jesus Christ, and for the miraculous blessing of the Atonement in my life.
    For the Tender Mercies that I have experienced throughout my life, and continue to experience daily through God’s almighty hand.
    For the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for His example and teachings that show me the way to true peace, joy, and happiness. And for my membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and all the blessings I enjoy because of my membership in, and commitment to, the church. For the leaders of the church, for the temples, and the opportunity I have to attend the temple and feel of the beautiful spirit that exists there.
    For the power of prayer and the inspiration, guidance, and comfort I receive through His spirit, and because of the gift of the Holy Ghost.
    For my amazing husband and for the Priesthood which he holds, for his love for me, and even more important, I am thankful for his love for the Lord.
    For my very special marriage, for the love that we share, as lovers and of friends, and for the awesome relationship that we have ultimately been blessed with through great trials, patience, learning, communication, faith, hope, and eternal love.
    For our wonderful children, (and for each of their spouses), for their sweet spirits, for their health & strength, their talents and abilities, for their courage to dream big and then to follow their dreams, for their commitment to the gospel, and the individual spirituality that they each possess in their own special ways.
    For our sweet and delightful grandchildren, for their health, safety, talents and abilities, and for the joy they bring to our lives.
    For our comfortable and wonderful home, for it’s safety and warmth, and for the comfort of the warm spirit that we feel here. And, for the awesome neighborhood in which we live, with great neighbors and friends all around.
    For our financial blessings and our financial stability in the midst of great economic struggles and hardships all around. And, for the opportunities that we have to help and serve others, and to do God’s will as we serve our fellow man.
    For faith and hope, and for the knowledge that God is real, that He and my Savior Jesus Christ know me and love me and will always be there for me when I seek them, believe in them, and put my trust in them to comfort and guide me throughout my life.

    …..these are the ‘things’ I ‘usually’ always thank God for “almost’ every night…….
    but EVERY morning, I wake up with, not only these things, but so very, very, much more.

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    Megan Dahlgren

    Thank you so much for your kind, honest, open and heartfelt reply. I share the same sentiments!

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    Thanks for your post. I feel this way too, but your post also helped me ponder a similar question:

    What if you woke up today WITHOUT what you thanked God for yesterday?

    I think I would still be grateful. I could lose a lot of things that I am grateful for and still have plenty more left over. And I could always be grateful for a new opportunity to grow. I would have to work up being grateful for it, but I would get there. :)