Today was the first day of school.  I teach 4th grade.  The last two years we have had 25-26 students in our class (I job-share with another teacher).  Today, we discovered we would have 31 students this year!  That is an insane amount of students for this classroom, logistically, physically, and on my part, emotionally.

After school, we had to do our first round of adjustments-just moving desks around and the such, but even that took some energy.  We are definitely going to have to keep making adjustments throughout the year.

Which brings me to life.  Adjustments are a regular part of life.  I mean seriously, how often does your day go exactly as you planned?  Classroom aside, I had our daughter to the babysitter on time and was well on my way to work when I hit lots of red lights and even a small construction zone.  Thankfully I had planned ahead, but I was still bugged that things hadn’t gone according to plan.

So it goes with life.  Your life may ebb and flow and change and adjustment HAVE to become a part of it.  If things are going well, you can adjust the time you have to focus on things other than coping mechanisms.  If things are not going so well, you may have to give up some of your free time to gain support from different people, etc.   Adjustment is life.

I found this quote by Hugh Walpole that I enjoy:

Happiness comes from… some curious adjustment to life.

So good luck with adjusting to whatever life may bring you.  I hope  that the adjustments yield positive results!



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