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I am kind of presenting this post as a “guest post.”  I have participated in a few workshops created by and put on by an organization called “Celebration of Being”

Dried Up

Keeping Silence

I do believe that I am passing through something sacred when my life’s experience remind me of what the Savior suffered for me.

Whose I Am

When I am tempted to question my allegiance or submission to Jesus Christ, I ask myself “Whose else would I be?” Who else do I trust to save my soul?

Who Am I?

(and why that's the wrong question)

Am I defined by my profession, my religion, my sexual attraction, my hobbies, my family, my politics, my past, my future…? Depending on the day and the circumstance my answer has been all of these and none of these. The instability of that question has led me to look for a better question.

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