I have been waiting all summer for my life to slow down, but it just hasn’t.  Hence, I am posting this 9 hours after my deadline, but I promised myself a few weeks ago that I would do what I say what I will do because I am worth it.  And I am, and hopefully I will be forgiven for being late!

Sometimes life just gets busy and you just react:

  • You have unanswered emails in your inbox from two months ago that you still haven’t taken the time to read.
  • The basket of laundry that was washed and dried on Saturday is still waiting to be put away.
  • You feel prompted to tell your boss about your husband’s SSA and the stress leading up to it (it went really well, by the way).
  • A friend in need calls and asks for a favor and you don’t really have anything going that day, so you help her out.
  • You are pregnant and chasing a 2-year old and it’s your summer vacation and you don’t feel well, so you lay down on the couch and don’t get off for 2 hours.
  • You forget your blog post until you are up in the middle of the night because you can’t sleep due to said pregnancy.

And sometimes, it’s just OK!  And that’s really all I have to say.  Life gets busy and life goes on.  We make mistakes, ask for forgiveness and hope people will forgive us.  And you hope  in throwing together a blog that someone will read it and say, “that’s what I needed today–permission to be messy.”  So here’s your permission.  Go and be!

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    I did need to hear this Megan! My life hasn’t slowed down since I’ve gotten my internship and it was a miracle I posted when I was scheduled to. Thanks for being authentic!