Shara Mitchell

Shara Mitchell is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor living in Springville, UT. One of her specialties includes treating individuals and families affected by same-gender attraction and transgender experiences. Ms. Mitchell is a self-proclaimed introvert who loves to read and write, and is currently working on mastering the art of relaxation. Shara has four brilliant and good-hearted children, and shares her home with two cats. Yes, she's a 40-year-old divorced woman living with cats. Namaste.


Posts by Shara Mitchell

How to be Happy

Hello all!  This month I am focusing on the fundamentals of how to be happy.  Here’s the deal.  Whether you are gay or transgender or queer or questioning or something


In this video, I discuss the ins and outs of boundary making for mental health.  Because this video was originally created for a Relief Society project, it is geared specifically

Pleasing, Serving, Fixing

“Serve others.” “Take good care of yourself.” “Stay out of others business.” “Learn to love yourself” “You are your brother’s keeper.” “Know and understand your own feelings.” “Don’t be selfish.” “Don’t

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