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David Peterson grew up outside of Utah, attended BYU, and served an LDS mission. His childhood dream was to study genetics. Instead, he grew up to be... well... he hasn't really grown up yet. His worldwide writing debut came in the third grade, when he was published in a magazine so obscure he can't remember its name. He still writes in real life, but you've probably never read anything he wrote. Really. Here and on his blog, David writes about dating, dealing with abuse, living as a young single adult, depression, same-sex attraction, and whatever else is on his mind. You can read his personal blog at (Gay) Mormon Guy.


Posts by David Peterson

Born That Way

One of the more vocal objections voiced by those who oppose living the gospel with same-gender attraction is encapsulated in three words. Born that way. The reality is that people

Hero Worship

I wondered when I was little what it would be like to have a famous alter-ego. Like Locke or Demosthenes in Ender’s Game, or Batman in the Marvel comics, or


I spent 10 hours on Twitter this weekend as @gaymormonguy. 10 hours listening intently to every talk, reading the continuous flow of #ldsconf discussion, and adding my voice to the


Photo attribution: here I don’t take much time in my life to just sit and think. Too much is going on each day. I have plans from sun-up past sun-down, and


Sometimes I forget about this part of my life. I get caught up in the day-to-day of working, dating, serving, playing, and finding my own path… and for days or

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