Scott & Becky MackIntosh

Scott and Becky Mackintosh recently celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary and daily celebrate the success of raising seven children without going bald—Becky admits she colors her hair to cover the gray—Scott just flaunts his. They have served in many stake and ward leadership positions along with serving within their community.

In 2012, their return missionary son at age 24, bravely shared his secret that he was gay. Scott was floored, Becky not so much. Today they are grateful for the lessons learned along their journey of discovering what being a true disciple of Christ is and the importance of loving their children unconditionally no matter their choices.

You will hear mostly from Becky who has much to share after receiving hundreds of emails from LDS same-gender attracted from around the world who stumbled upon her video on YouTube. Scott feels his story of “How a Father went from Homophobic to Loving his Gay Son” pretty much sums it up. Don’t let him fool you; he has lots to blog about when time permits.


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Loving Your LGBT/SSA Children

There it was in black and white, “I’m gay”. WHAT? How could that be possible? He was a great kid, an outstanding student, he dated girls, and he served a mission so how could THIS be possible? I stayed up late into the night talking to my son. We cried. We hugged. I could no longer stick my head in the sand – this was the beginning of my journey. Our journey.

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