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Kevin Lindley and his wife stay busy raising three children. He is also a Licensed Professional Counselor. His two primary passions are seeking to understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ and helping others improve their lives. Anyone who spends much time around Kevin knows he thinks way too much, and he’s often eager to share his thought process with unwitting victims. Gospel topics, psychological theory, human nature, philosophy, and pretty much any aspect of the human experience are subject to examination. Kevin appreciates thoughtful feedback and welcomes respectful dialogue.


Posts by Kevin L

Stories, Respect, and Humility

A personal response to the TLC Special

May I embrace with Charity all of my Brothers and Sisters-wherever they may be on their journey. Their lives and stories deserve the same respect and honor that I want for my own.

Whose I Am

When I am tempted to question my allegiance or submission to Jesus Christ, I ask myself “Whose else would I be?” Who else do I trust to save my soul?

Who Am I?

(and why that's the wrong question)

Am I defined by my profession, my religion, my sexual attraction, my hobbies, my family, my politics, my past, my future…? Depending on the day and the circumstance my answer has been all of these and none of these. The instability of that question has led me to look for a better question.

BSA: Still Waiting

I’ve been following the recent developments around the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) and their “gay ban.”  As most of you readers as aware, the official policy of the BSA

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