Josh Weed

Josh Weed is a writer and a marriage and family therapist who lives in Seattle, Washington. He has been married to his beautiful wife, Lolly, for 10 years and together they have three daughters. He also blogs at The Weed.


Posts by Josh Weed

Empty Screen

So, I’ve sat here for a good 30 minutes looking at this empty screen. I’m digging deep, y’all, trying to find something to write about. Something engaging and important. Something


I was recently asked the following question on my blog: Josh, as Latter-Day Saints, we believe in a resurrection where our bodies are restored to perfection. If I can ask


Identity is a strange thing. Ultimately, we are all… humans, right? Like, we are all people. And then, after that, identity breaks itself down into a billion different sub-components (of

Not “Just Friends”

In a class I’m taking, a presenter recently came talking about infidelity in marriage. I was blown away with how good her presentation was. She was articulate, compassionate and intelligent.

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