Joe Meyere has been involved in the SSA community for nearly ten years, and in that time he has made a plethora of fantastic friends who he draws strength from. in that time he has served an LDS mission for ten months in Oklahoma, served on several Evergreen conference committees, and recently married his high school sweetheart Katie. Joe is currently getting his bachelors in journalism at the University of Utah and works as a personal assistant in Salt Lake City. Joe enjoys super heroes, movies, video games, and taking trips to Disneyland.


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Winter is Coming

I recently read George RR Martin’s book Game of Thrones, a fantasy novel of kings, knights, intrigue and war. One thing I thought was especially interesting in the book was

Aladdin and the Magician

The third archetype, the Magician, is one I would like to qualify: The Magician does not necessarily deal with magic, as in the stuff Harry Potter and his buddies used

The power of Kings

The power of kings Remember in the Lion King when Simba returns from his long exile to a Pride Land that has withered and died under his wicked uncle Scar’s

Hobbit love

My lovely fiance Katie surprised me the other day with a copy of Lego Lord of the Rings sitting on my big easy chair in my room. I’m glad she


You know what the problem with our world is? There aren’t any real villains. Let me clarify: When we’re kids watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Aladdin or whatever the

My adventures in Limbo

No, I’m not talking about a dance with a stick. For those unfamiliar with the term, limbo is a kind of in-between place between heaven and hell, where souls who

Disney and the Outsider

A week ago I took a trip to Disneyland(links to my blog documenting the adventure at the bottom of this post), and being a massive Disney fan I’m still reeling

Guys, am I right?

Okay if this post is even less formal than my usual informal posts, it’s because this week has been a bit busy for me, between school, applying for an internship,

Emotional dependency

Once upon a time John sat in his Elder’s Quorum, as he did every Sunday. He chatted with his fellow elders about general films and games they had seen, nothing

Safe Haven

Confession: I am probably one of the most sarcastic, snippy little snots you will ever meet. Put the late Bea Author and Bette Midler in a blender and you’ll probably

Tips for serving a mission

So now that our collective jaws are up off the floor from last General Conference’s announcement. Every 18 year old male in the church is filling out paperwork to join

Finding joy in the journey

Do you want to know what one of my least favorite words with regards to Same-Sex attraction is? Struggle. The common use of it is “I struggle with Same-Sex Attraction”.

What if someone finds out?

It’s a common fear among those struggling with SSA that someone, specifically close family or friends, will find out about their SSA and be anywhere from thinking differently of them

Male Friendship

The single greatest thing that’s helped me in my struggle with same-sex attraction is learning to create, maintain, and understand healthy male friendship. Every male has a need for healthy

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