Jimmy Hales

Jimmy Hales grew up in Layton, Utah where he spent his time pursuing randomtastic fun—dancing while playing the trombone, editing videos of aliens invading his high school, and gymnastics. Known for his uniquely large personality among his work world of computer programmers, Jimmy loves to run, edit videos, sing, and write music. A graduate of BYU, he served a Mandarin-speaking mission in Melbourne, Australia, and later lived in China for a year to study and work abroad. Since releasing his viral YouTube video, "A Gay Mormon Coming Out," Jimmy has been a supportive voice for gay members of the LDS Church, appearing on many national and local news programs. He now lives in Chandler, Arizona, where he is a favorite uncle to his brand new nephew, Bentley.


Posts by Jimmy Hales

Doctrine or Opinion?

Separating doctrine from opinion

“If somebody arrives to sacrament meeting during the sacrament but already missed their opportunity to partake of the bread, should they partake of the water when they get opportunity to

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