Jeff Bennion was born and raised in the Salt Lake Valley, the second of four children. He attended Brigham Young University before his mission to French-speaking Belgium and France. After returning from his mission, he completed his undergraduate education at the University of Utah with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. He spent much of his professional career in Information Technology and Software, including eight years in Virginia, where he met his wife Tanya. They have since returned to Utah and have one son who is now six years old, where Jeff currently works in property management and real estate. A lifelong member of the Church, he has held several callings in the Church, including in the Elder’s Quorum, Bishopric, and Sunday School, where he is currently serving as a youth teacher. Jeff, along with several others, helped found North Star. He has held several positions there ever since. He feels so pleased and privileged to witness firsthand how it has grown over the years, and helped so many people be inspired and strengthened.


Posts by Jeff

Cain’s Original Sin

  Cain is famous for murdering his brother Abel, but his problem started earlier, and it’s a caution to us all. You can read his story in Genesis 4 and

“You’re here to serve, but first you’ll eat.”

Some years ago, just out of high school, I volunteered at the local soup kitchen. It was my first time doing something like that. I was nervous, and a little proud of myself, being all righteous and loving and going to help these poor people who were so much worse off than me. No, I did not realize how condescending my attitude was.

Not at first, anyway.

An Help Meet

I couldn’t sleep early this morning, so I went to the temple (the Jordan River temple opens really early on Tuesdays, 5:00am). It was a really powerful experience. Many things

In Praise of Discontent

Not that it’s a pleasant thing, but it is a sign that we are trying to be better, and the capacity for self-improvement is a key part of what makes us human.

Looking Back at Sodom

Some of the men I correspond with describe feeling torn between what they know (the  gospel) and what they want (a lover/sex with a lover, etc.). They are often quite anguished

What Are My Chances

Sometimes when I am talking to people who deal with attractions to the same gender, they will ask me what their chances are: chances to be happy in the Church,

In Praise of Chastity

We spend so much time here talking about chastity in the context of homosexuality, I thought we’d give the heterosexuals a good treatment for once. A non-member friend of mine, who

Fruit(y) Flies

In my “Rams in the Thicket” post I predicted that the “it’s in my genes, I can’t help it” argument could eventually backfire due to advances in understanding of the

Born Straight?

This image comes from an ad campaign mounted by the regional government of Tuscany in Italy. People sometimes accuse me of exaggerating when I say lots of people erroneously believe

Rams in the Thicket

Let’s try a thought experiment I hope will demonstrate the trap that gay rights activists fall into when they insist that homosexuality is biologically determined, therefore cannot be altered by

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