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Jimmy M., a native of Arizona, served his mission to the Deaf in Indianapolis, Minneapolis, and Boston. As an Sign Language Interpreter, he put himself through school at Arizona State University to become a Music Therapist. He has worked for as a Researcher and Music Therapist. Jimmy has been aware of his SGA since his youth, and tried for years to deal with it on his own. After spending some time away from the church and through a series of tender mercies, he was rescued by a concerned Elders' Quorum and has been active ever since. He has found serenity in the knowledge that Heavenly Father loves and cares for him and has found strength in the daily exercise of the atonement of Jesus Christ. Finally, Jimmy has been a member of North Star Community since July of 2009 and is humbled to share what makes life wonderful to him!


Posts by Jimmy Merrell

Speaking Peace: The Security Wound

These wounds are ones we have all experienced and for some they are so debilitating that we lie paralyzed and sometimes wailing because we believe the source of help might just be the same one who has wounded us or we have become blinded by the grief and emotions.

My Story: Journey into The Ministry of Angels

I am a very happy single man that currently serves in a bishopric. If I stay single the rest of my life, I will be happy. If I find a wife that makes me happy, I will be happy still. My approach to love, marriage, relationships, therapy and church has changed. If I am seeking heaven through another person, therapeutic experience or the church, I will fail. If I am seeking, a spouse, a religious experience, or even just a single existence through God then I will be infinitely happy. This is my story.

Speaking Peace: Holons & Beyond, Pt. 2

The term Post-Gay speaks peace and goes beyond to the next evolution of this Holarchy which to me is where North Star’s Mission is poised. We are at the brink of this new frontier as a pioneering organization. North Star is an integral conduit into what I call the Post-Gay movement.


I recently watched a movie called Touchback.   It was a movie about a man who in high school was at to become the next big Star in football.  Then during

Blasphemous Rumors

Today, I have been pondering what to write.  I had planned to write about something entirely different, then this morning I woke up and the thoughts wouldn’t come.  So, I

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