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Originally from the great state of Utah, Greg is currently living out his dreams in Los Angeles as an actual working actor. He is single, old enough to be set in his ways, and is unofficially officially "on the market." He has a deep and abiding testimony of Christ, and lives life with a healthy dose of optimism. Greg has been dealing with homosexual attractions for more than half of his life, and in his personal experience finds it to be more about playing the hand one is dealt rather than requesting a reshuffle. Regardless of what the future might hold, he plans to face it with a smile, a song, and a pan of brownies. Feel free to join him for Sunday-night Disney movies and dessert, or to contact him for a daily dose of "Get a grip, your life isn't so bad!" He writes about his adventures as an actor on the outskirts of big-time Hollywood (among other things) on his site: Greg D Barnett.


Posts by Greg Barnett

Opposing Forces

I recently finished a book called “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg.  It was an interesting read.  The author’s writing style isn’t my favorite as he has a tendency

What manner of man?

Have you ever experienced one of those times in your life when it seems that everything is conspiring to teach you something? Right now my universe is conspiring.  Here are just

30 day challenge

Today is day 21 of the Whole30 Program for me.  For those not familiar, the Whole30 Program is 30 days with no dairy, sugar, grains, or legumes.  You focus on eating

The Light of Hope

I just finished reading “The Crucible of Doubt” by Terryl and Phiona Givens.  I highly recommend it.  One passage stuck out to me as it pertains to our little community:

10 Things

Earlier this year I discovered one of those things that people do – you know, like “photo of the day” for Instagram, or what have you. This one was a

The Game

Let’s get real for a second, okay? Because sweeping things under the rug doesn’t get rid of the problem, it just hides it under a rug – which, in the

I choose love.

I recently read a statistic that said that the world collectively spent over $1.7 trillion on war last year and it would only take $195 billion to eradicate poverty. Granted,

The Road Home

Last weekend I decided to go hiking.  It turned out that everyone I knew had plans, so I went by myself. Will Rogers State Park.  I hopped onto the clearly


A series of thoughts that have been on my mind lately: Christ is the Great Redeemer, not the great preventer. Why is it socially acceptable to wear patterns on the

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