I have previously posted about an organization, the Inner Visions Institute, which I discovered last year.  I have really benefitted from some of the things I have implemented because of them.

Their theme for the month of May is Acceptance.  I took the time yesterday to read their “Stimu-Mail,” which comes daily, and found some great insights.  I especially liked this bit from the Inner Visions’s founder, Iyanya Vanzant…

Acceptance is receiving without criticism or judgment; to embrace the fullness of a situation or experience; an inner realization that all is well, regardless of the outward expression.

*   *   *

You do not have to like what is going on in your life, but you must accept that it, whatever it is, is going on.  As long as you do not accept reality, you are powerless to define the role you will play.

*   *   *

Acceptance is knowing that no matter what, everything is and will be just fine.

*   *   *

Acceptance is simply recognition.  When you recognize a thing you see it for what it is.  All of our experiences, no matter how awful they appear to be, are temporary.  Acceptance of an experience as a temporary situation can make it a lot easier to handle.  It does not mean you will not be temporarily angry, frightened or senseless.  It means you can usually handle something in a calmer manner when you know it is a temporary situation.

*   *   *

Accepting a thing does not mean you approve of what is going on.  Nor does it mean you are not being impacted by what is going on.  Acceptance means you are able to withdraw the emotional attachment just long enough to really see what is happening . . . it is only from the emotionally detached posture of acceptance that you can make a wise choice.

*   *   *

By accepting what is, you become keenly aware of what isn’t.  When you know what isn’t, you can begin to determine what you must do.

Adapted from One Day My Soul Just Opened Up

by Iyanla Vanzant


This all came to me recently in the middle of a really tough week.  My husband and I were barely speaking to one another (something that has only happened one other time in our marriage) and because of this and some other things going on in my life as well, I was not sure where I stood with myself, let alone with him.

But then I took the time to read this.  I have been in the habit lately of just “archiving” my daily emails from the Institute, but I felt I needed to read it that day.  I am so glad I did.  I began to look at my situation from a whole new perspective.  And I have re-read this at least three times while writing this piece, just to make sure that I truly believe it all.  Every time I do I am able to take a deep breath and say, “Yes, this is very true.”

Emma's Sunflower

I can look at any and every situation in my life and apply this and feel an instant feeling of peace and calm.  It is a relief knowing that I am not in charge of my life from Heavenly Father’s point of view.  It is a releasing of my control and an acceptance of what IS and what I can do about it.  If I know I am doing everything that I can, then I can continue on as is.  If I recognize areas where I am falling short of doing my part, I can (try) to make the necessary adjustments and pick up my own slack.

The week has ended on a much higher note.  My husband and I are on full and open speaking terms once more.  We have accepted the past, the present, and have a mind to accept the future as it comes.  We have a plan.  Hopefully we have determined what we “must do.”

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