The Mormon Women Project interviewed Lisa Hansen, composer and lyricist of the Primary Hymn “Nephi’s Courage” and BYU doctoral student in Marriage and Family Therapy who works tirelessly to serve and bless the lives of those who experience same-sex attraction, whatever path they may choose for their life. She currently leads a gay choir in Utah County and she’s the author of a curriculum for LDS families of youth who experience same-sex attraction. She writes:

“I have always felt a resonance, an empathy, a sense of what it’s like not to belong when you want to belong so desperately. Being aware of my own intense psychological states growing up often made me feel separate from other people. And then psychological separation creates a labyrinthine world that stretches out the days and minutes of growing up into a constant winding inward, ending up feeling essentially inadequate. I began suspecting that gay and lesbian members of the church felt the same way.”

She also notes North Star as a resource for those striving to live within the framework of Church teachings:

“Currently, in the Church, Ty Mansfield is the best example we have of someone who has experienced homosexual feelings and is married and who has found a place of peace with this. He is working with the North Star organization, a support organization for LDS individuals and families with same-sex attraction, to get information to those who may follow in his footsteps and find some success. He has a new book out, a compilation of essays that are meant to help people in that situation. It is published by Deseret Book and called Voices of Hope. His first book is In Quiet Desperation. Both books offer a great deal of hope.”

Read more at The Mormon Women Project website.

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