Since last summer, a special production team assembled by North Star has been busy producing a dynamic interactive companion to Ty Mansfield’s book, Voices of Hope: Latter-day Saint Perspectives on Same-Gender Attraction—An Anthology of Gospel Teachings and Personal Essays, which, when finished, will include 1,000 video and written essays by individual participants.

The website’s premier next month will comprise of both highlight and full-length video versions of 18 individuals’ stories along with narrative essays from a dozen others. The website release has been eagerly anticipated by a diverse audience since the project was originally announced and, once live, will be able to be reached directly at, which now directs interested parties to the informational portal on North Star’s website.

The following is a highlight version of an interview with Katharine Matis Adams. Katharine is the sister of Stuart Matis, a young man who took his life on the steps of a stake center during a heated political campaign surrounding Proposition 22, a California ballot initiative defining marriage between a man and a woman; she is the daughter of Fred and Marilyn Matis, who share their heart-breaking story as as parents of a son who struggled with his sexuality in the book In Quiet Desperation: Understanding the Challenge of Same-Gender Attraction (Deseret Book, 2004) (see also a KSL interview with Fred and Marilyn); and she is the wife of Christian Adams, a man who experienced same-sex attraction and who passed away in the fall of 2008 after a heart attack. Katharine also shares her story in an essay titled “For Time and All Eternity” in the published volume of Voices of Hope:

Voice(s) of Hope — Katharine Matis Adams (Highlight Version)

If you’d like to hear more about Katharine’s story,
see the full interview (27:41).

Enjoy! We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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    This is wonderful! Thank you, Katharine, for sharing your love and testimony.

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    Michael Packham

    Again, I am in tears. These interviews invite the Spirit, and the Lord reaffirms the truths that strengthen our foundation of faith–God does love his children, he is aware of our trials, he has a plan for each of us that will give us the greatest joy. There IS hope.

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    Lynne Schreiber

    Many thanks for these voices. I am touched by all of these stories. I witness both the strength and fragility of the human spirit. May we all continue to hold each others’ hands as we make this incredible journey. Katherine, you capture this reality so well.

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    David Rickey

    Katharine, your insight…your personal experiences are truly sacred. Your gift, your voice, lifts me up and instills in me a greater desire to move forward in complete truth and honesty. You’ve touched my heart, deeply, this day. We all matter to Him. He loves us, unconditionally. We need to follow that perfect example. Thank you…so very much. God bless you.